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WE BELIEVE your BEST health is within YOU. WE are here to help you find it.

All Ages. Get Fit and have Fun!

365 WAS BIRTHED OUT OF CHANGE. The need to change, and well quite honestly, the force of change.

FitStudio365 is the Personal Training studio owned and operated by Richard and Robyn Goodpasture. Richard and Robyn have always been interested in fitness and health. Robyn being a winning Figure Competitor, and athletics, Richard being a Division 1 Scholarship athlete for Wake Forest University.

THE JOURNEY to health is 365 days, 7 days a week, ONE step at a time.

Our concept of getting healthy and being healthy has little to do with the way we look. Although looking better is a by-product of the lifestyle change that we teach, the TRUE goal is one of FUNCTION! We believe that in order to be successful in ALL areas of your life, you must have as MUCH HEALTH as possible.

OUR WAY IS THE REAL WAY for true weight loss and health gain.

True weight loss, requires HABIT change. Habits are hard to break and to make! We are here to help! Habit change demands, not just knowledge of what the issue is, but it requires action and accountability. What makes a habit? Repetition. How do we repeat healthy habits? Lots of ways. But first, it requires, creating space to make the new habit form.

Our story is your story. Our goal is for you to use us as long as you need us – but our ultimate desire is that you stop needing us! You learn and lead with us to pass and teach the story of health and wellness!

Our philosophy is: I CAN, YOU CAN, WE CAN!